Buying a property can seem like a daunting task.  I take the stress out of the transaction and streamline the search for you.  Let me do the digging so you have more time to enjoy life.  I only provide you with your best choices both on and off market.  


I won't let you buy something I don't truly believe in.  I pride myself in knowing all the different neighborhoods of LA.  I streamline the process and only send you the best options on and off the market. 


I break it down with the numbers.  I have access to the best technology and mathematical minds in the business.  I provide you with the analytics, statistics and comps that will provide a transparent transaction.


I can provide you contacts to our preferred in house lenders.  It's key to have a dependable lender.  In a competitive market, a good lender can mean the difference in winning a property against multiple offers and closing escrow.


In a highly competitive market there are ways to negotiate against multiple offers and beat all cash offers.  I know all the tricks to get you the property and I'll make sure you're not overpaying.


I look at every aspect of the property.  Coming from a legacy of builders in my family, I know good construction and craftsmanship.  I can recommend the best inspectors and contractors in town.


The Escrow process can be tricky to navigate and stressful.  I will walk you through the entire process and communicate each and every step.  From inspecting the property to closing the deal I have your back.

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